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The Company is entitled to comply with the provisions of Act LIII of 2017 on the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (hereinafter: Pmt.) and the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) Decree (25.VIII. ) 2020/26 on the implementation of the Law on the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing concerning service providers supervised by the MNB, as well as laying down detailed rules for the development and operation of a minimum screening system under the Law on the Implementation of Financial and Property Restrictive Measures Ordered by the European Union and the United Nations Security Council (hereinafter: the Decree), to perform the Client due diligence obligation also by means of a pre-audited electronic communication device operated by the Company, in a manner specified by the Hungarian National Bank (video identification). An audited electronic communication device is an electronic real-time image and sound transmitive system suitable for the Client's remote, electronic data transmission channel, interpretation, safe storage, retrieval and verification of the stored data. The Company shall record all communication between the Company and the Client during the video identification, the detailed information of the Client related to the video identification and the Client's expressed consent to it in a retrievable image and sound recording, store it for the period specified in the Pmt. make it available to the Client.

In the course of the video identification, the Company shall request the Client to

a) look into the camera in such a way that his/her face can be recognised and recorded,

b) clearly state the document ID of the card format ID card/driver's licence card/card format driver's licence or address card used for the video identification; and

c) move the video identification card/card format driver's licence in such a way that the security features and data sequences on the card/card format driver's licence can be recognised and recorded.

The Company will ensure that the card format ID card/driver's licence used for video identification is suitable for video identification, so that

a) the elements of the card format ID card/driving licence and their location comply with the requirements of the issuing authority,

b) the individual security features, in particular the hologram, kinegram or equivalent security features, are recognisable and undamaged,

c) the identity card in card format has a field for machine reading,

d) the document identifier on the card format ID card/driving licence is the same as the document identifier provided by the Client, is recognisable and is indestructible.

The Company will verify during the video identification process that

a) the Client’s face is recognisable and identifiable from the face on the card format ID card/card format driving licence presented by the Client; and

b) the data on the card format ID card/driving licence can be logically matched with the data on the Client held by the service provider.

The Company shall, during the video identification process, cross-check the data on the card format ID card/driver's licence presented by the Client with the data from a publicly accessible register or a register from the holder of which the Company is entitled to request data by law. In the case of Hungarian citizens the Company use the register of the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior to document control, while for nationals of the European Union or other Member States of the European Economic Area, the so-called PRADO system will be used to check documents by the Company.

The Company will send an identification code consisting of an alphanumeric code, centrally generated at random to an email address suitable for Client identification or by, with which the Client enters the identification interface at the beginning of the video identification.

During the video identification process, the Company shall provide the Customer with the possibility to make the declarations provided for in the Pmt, in particular the declaration of the status of a politically exposed person (PEP) and the status of beneficial owner.

The Company shall interrupt the video identification if

a) the Client withdraws its consent to the video identification during the video identification,

b) the physical and data content requirements of the documents or documents presented by the Client are not appropriate,

c) the requirements for visual identification of the documents presented by the Client are not met,

d) the Company is unable to make the audio and video recording,

e) the Client fails to return the identification code or returns it incomplete or incorrect,

f) the Client does not make a statement or the Client makes a statement under influence (perceptible by the Company), or

any inconsistency or uncertainty arises in the course of the proceedings.


When using video identification, please note the following:

- do not use a Wi-Fi network in public,

- ensure that information spoken or seen during the use of video identification is not disclosed to unauthorized persons,

- use video identification from your own properly protected device.

III. Additional information on service-related data management

- The information on additional data management refers specifically to video identification, which is part of the Data Management Information of eBrókerház Zrt., should be interpreted together with it. The Data Management Information is available on our website under eBrókerház - Dokumentáció (ebrokerhaz.hu) \ Data protection.

The purpose of data processing during video identification is, on the one hand, to comply with the data recording, Client due diligence and reporting obligations specified in the Pmt. are targeted. The legal basis of the data processing with regard to the image capturing and sound recording is the express consent pursuant to Section 8 (2) a) of the Decree while for further data management, the Section 7-14. of Pmt. The category of person involved in data processing is a natural person who has come into contact with eBrókerház Zrt. or is in a Client relationship and participating in video identification. If the Client requests the viewing of video identification’s record, this is possible prior appointment schedule at the registered